Dear Single Guest, 

Welcome to ifoundyou. In 1989 I lost contact with a dear friend of mine. In 1998 I asked
myself what I would say to her if I ever saw her again, and the words ifoundyou came to
mind, and the company ifoundyou was born.Today, ifoundyou mission is to help singles
correspond, meet dates, and findone's soulmate. The right one, the right way. 

How singles are matched

Singles are matched according to the month, day, and year they are born. Each single has
what is known as one's home cafe. The home cafe is the place singles meet for the first time. 
The home cafe is the cafe closest to the singles cafe or the cafe with singles who share the
same Life Path Number.

Singles may change their home cafe once a year on December 25 or when they
have movedmore than 25 miles from their home cafe's current location.  Singles who
have moved may askifoundyou to changetheir home cafe along with their new address.

How singles communicate

Each person agrees to be matched with the other who is single. Singles then
arrange to writea series of letters and afterward meet at the person's home cafe
or video chat. Ifoundyou isnot associated or receives any monetary compensation
with any of the cafes the members meet on the ifoundyou system.


Hoping all your dates are good ones. 

Sincerely yours 

Charles Pisano 

President of ifoundyou Inc.