Do I have a soul-mate?

Welcome to ifoundyou. My name is Charles Pisano. In 1989, I lost contact with a dear friend of mine. In 1998, I asked myself what I would say to her if I ever saw her again and the words ifoundyou came to mind and the company ifoundyou was born. Today, the ifoundyou mission is to help reunite lost loves one and to helps singles to correspond meet date and find their eternal soul-mate.

Can I really find my soul-mate? Do I have a soul-mate?

Yes, you can find your soul-mate. Yes, each person has a soul-mate. Here you will discover a step by step plan that I will share with you on how to find your soul-mate.

The Process

The process begins by asking yourself do I want to want to be married or not. The process continues with you finding the month day and year your soul-mate was born. Finally, to date only people whose birthdays are compatible with your own. At first glance, the process of using the stars to find one’s soulmate odd but works.

How and why does the process work?

God gave you your birthday. Your birthday was chosen by God so you could find yours soul-mate. Dating by stars  moves you from being a passive dating participant to an active dating participant.  It is  time know to  ask yourself this question.

Do I want to be married? Do I prefer being single?

Do I want to be married? Do I prefer to be single?. Sit down and write yourself a letter. I want to marry and here are the reasons why I want to be married. I prefer to be single, and here are the reasons why I prefer to be single.

Many people who begin this process overlook this important question. This question is the most important question in the entire process. In order to find your soul-mate, you must acknowledge your desire to find him.

The Show Married At First

The show Married at First Site may be repugnant for most of us. It has taught us anything is to make a commitment to what it is that we want and go for it.

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Kindest Regards,

Charles Pisano

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